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Wallets ($0.99)

4x4         ($0.39)

4x5.3      ($0.29)

4x6         ($0.50)

5x7         ($2.49)

8x8         ($3.99)

8x10       ($3.99)

Family Photo


A family portrait is one of the most important things you can have in your home. While your life changes around you, it's nice to have a permanent reminder of your family at a specific time in your lives. The best time to take a family portrait is always now. Don't forget that a family portrait is not  just a once-in-a-lifetime event.  Families change; they may expand, they may shrink, and they always age. Any addition to the family, whether it's a baby or a new spouse, makes for a good reason for a new family portrait. Colton G. Davis Photography understands this and hopes to give you that timeless reminder of what you hold most dear. *All sessions include a CD or DVD of the best images from the shoot.

Senior Portraits


 All images are fully processed for exposure and color. Images are cropped and minor touch-ups, skin smoothing, and other effects are applied as needed. A selection of color, black & white, and toned images are usually provided. Senior portrait photo sessions have no time limit. This is a relaxed session where you can take your time. The goal is to provide you with photos you are excited about. I will work with you after the photo session to retouch / edit any of your photos as requested. You are encouraged to bring several changes of clothes so that we can be sure to capture the image you want. I will also travel to any reasonable location of your choosing, or I will recommend a location I think you will enjoy.  *All sessions include a CD or DVD of the best images from the shoot. These are the high-resolution files needed for quality printing at any size.

Product Shots


For Businesses looking to advertise a product or service.

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